Eco Challenges That Help Our Planet

Microvist is a social platform to help our planet. Start challenges yourself or collectively with others.

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Gamifying Good Actions

We've created go green challenges for you that have real practical and tangible results.

Microvist then lets you setup these challenges, track your progress, invite & chat with friends and unlock badges as achievements for taking action.

How To Be More Eco Friendly With Microvist

Pick a Challenge

Pick a sustainability challenge to get started. Whether you want to tackle climate change, biodiversity, waste or just save some money while being good to the planet we're certain to have a challenge for you.

Set Duration

Start your challenge, keep yourself focused by setting realistic time frame. You can repeat or add more challenges anytime to help your new good habits stick.

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Act Alone

Complete challenges yourself and keep notes on your progress.


Invite Others

Invite others to join you with group challenges. Leave suggestions & tips or get competitive and show off your progress.

Unlock Badges

We've carefully crafted unique badges for each challenge which are our way of adding extra fun into the mix. They're a fun light hearted way to feel good about your actions. They're also a great way to engage with kids while teaching them about the environment.

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How Will You Help The Planet?

Climate Change

Want to reduce your carbon emission then these challenges are for you.

Saving Money

Going green doesn't need to cost you the earth, in fact these challenges can save you money!


Give back to wildlife what urbanisation took away.

Reducing Waste

From plastic waste clogging our oceans to chemicals polluting the countryside these challenges tackle all things waste.