About Us

Hey there, I'm Tobias founder of the Microvist project.

I started this project to challenge to make changes that benefit the planet. I'm no eco-warrior, far from it, but I do know we need to do better in protecting our planet.

The challenges are now open for anyone to take on and complete. There's badges to unlock to help motivate both myself and others. And group challenges so we can make changes as an individual or with friends.

I don't expect you to take on every challenge, I know I won't (at least right away). Look at starting small and focusing on the issues that resonate with you. Climate change, pollution or biodiversity are some Microvist challenge themes.

I created the Microvist not to be a solution to all the worlds problems but a start. A stepping stone to form good habits and help others join in that journey.

Special Thanks

I also want to add a special thanks to my wife Marketa, who helps me in creating more challenges each month.

A huge thank you to all our users and the feedback they give us to create a better experience.

And finally rizal999, Freepik and Unsplash for providing the badges, illustrations and images that make the site look beautiful.