About Microvist

Microvist is a social platform for challenges to help our planet.

Our Philosophy

We stick by some basic but powerful ideas.

We know that no one person is or isn't sustainable, it's not binary and we don't need everyone to be eco-warriors. We just want enough people to become mindful of how some simple changes and swaps can be the start of a bigger movement.

Being more eco-friendly is like a muscle, the more you use it the better you get. We want to offer a friendly and approachable range of challenges so you can choose which are right for you. We make them measurable as possible and repeatable to build those habits and keep them.

We also know that Microvist is not the answer to all our problems. It's just one aspect of a bigger picture. Whether you're just starting on your journey or already do most of the challenges, Microvist is just a taster of how you can try something new.

Meet the team

Tobias Gray
Engineer & Founder

Team is a strange word when it comes to Microvist. It's really just myself a single soul and a side project.

My name is Tobias and I'm a software engineer who in the hours outside my day to day job work on building the Microvist platform.

Then again no man is an island and there's a lot of friends, family and community that contribute to making Microvist what it is. From helping to get the word out, dropping a friendly bit of feedback and even helping build some of the platform itself I'm thankful for the people that support what I do.

I also want to thank and attribute Unsplash Images & Freepik Storyset Illustrations used throughout our content.