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Bright Idea

Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs.
Money SaverClimate Change

The Reducetarian

For at least some days of the week replace meat with meat free alternatives.
Climate ChangeMoney SaverGood For GroupsGood For Kids

No Plastic Waste Week

For a week produce no plastic waste.
Reducing WasteGood For Groups

Public Commuter

For at least some days of the week use public transport instead of taking the car.
Money SaverClimate Change

Walking Commuter

For at least some days of the week walk instead of taking the car or public transport.
Climate ChangeMoney Saver


Go and clean a public space of litter.
Reducing WasteGood For KidsGood For Groups

Plant a Tree

Go and plant a tree.
Climate ChangeBiodiversityGood For KidsGood For Groups

Local Shopper

For at least some days of the week buy some of your groceries from local sources.
Climate ChangeGood For Groups

Sustainable Palm Oil

For a week avoid products containing palm oil from non-sustainable sources.

Bee Friendly Flowers

Go and plant some bee friendly flowers.
Good For KidsBiodiversity

Meal Plan

For a week plan your meals.
Money SaverReducing WasteGood For GroupsGood For Kids

Cleaner Cleaning

Use non-toxic cleaning products or natural alternatives.
BiodiversityMoney SaverReducing Waste


For a week use a refillable cup instead of disposables.
Money SaverReducing Waste

Smart Energy

Get a smart meter fitted for your home.
Climate ChangeMoney Saver

Green Energy

Change to a green energy plan.
Climate Change

Solar Powered

Get solar panels fitted to your home.
Climate ChangeMoney Saver


Create a compost space in your garden.
Reducing WasteMoney Saver


Minimise the amount of paper postage you get.
Reducing WasteMoney Saver

Fishy Friends

For a week buy only MSC certified products when buying seafood.

Grow Your Own Food

Plant and grow your own fruit, vegetables or herbs instead of buying them.
Good For GroupsGood For KidsMoney SaverReducing Waste

Cycling Commuter

Cycle to work
Good For GroupsClimate ChangeMoney Saver

Bulk Buy

Replenish an item you're running low on with a bulk buy equivalent.
Money SaverReducing Waste

Tell A Friend

Go and tell a friend about

Minimal Packaging

For a week opt for items with less packaging.
Reducing Waste

Pass It On

Pass on an item instead of sending it to the landfill.
Reducing WasteMoney Saver

Bin It With Love

For a week correctly dispose of items that can be recycled.
Reducing Waste

Working From Home

For at least some days of the week work from home instead of commuting to your workplace.
Climate ChangeMoney Saver

Bee Hotel

Get or build a bee hotel
BiodiversityGood For Kids

Bring Your Own Bag

For the week only use your own reusable bags.
Reducing WasteMoney Saver

Buy Loose Tea

For a week use loose tea instead of teabags that contain plastic.
Reducing Waste

Seasonal Produce

For at least some days of the week buy more of your groceries that are locally in season.
Climate ChangeMoney SaverReducing Waste

No Plastic Waste Bathroom

For a week produce no plastic waste from your bathroom.
Reducing Waste

No Plastic Waste Food

For a week produce no plastic waste from your kitchen.
Money SaverReducing Waste