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For at least some days of the week replace meat with meat free alternatives.

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More About This Challenge

Even a slight reduction in meat eating takes a big burden off the planet.

This challenge is to simply try a few meals for the week with no meat. Take out meat altogether or try some meat free alternatives.

You may also hear the term reducetarian and flexitarian be used interchangeably. Both mean you don't need to totally cut out meat, just actively opt for less than you usually would.

By the way if you already follow a meat free diet you've already nailed this one so complete it and earn yourself that badge - champion!

How Eating Less Meat Helps The Planet

First of all farmland for meat is much less efficient at creating food calories. More than 80% of farmland is used for livestock but it produces just 18% of food calories and 37% of protein.

Livestock generate a lot of greenhouse gasses too (think many farts). Beef is a particularly bad culprit with up to 105kg of greenhouse gases per 100g of protein.

With these figures its easy to see less meat means less of an impact on the planet. More space for more biodiversity and less greenhouse gasses to help fight climate change.

Inspiration For This Challenge

Credit goes to Brian Kateman whose TEDx talk directly inspired this challenge. We really recommend watching the video, it's only around 20 minutes and all in all a good watch.

Brian Kateman is co-founder and president of the Reducetarian Foundation and you can find even more info about the reducetarian movement at

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