Public Commuter

For at least some days of the week use public transport instead of taking the car.

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More About The Challenge

If you already use public transport or carpool you can claim this one right away. Step it up to the next level and try our cycle or walking challenges.

The idea behind this challenge is to make our daily commutes more carbon efficient. Any move towards sharing a ride with someone else is a win. We're happy to see people on buses, metros, trams, trains or even buddying up for carpools.

You may be reading this thinking; "But public transport is impractical, it comes nowhere near me." Don't leave yet! You can still take on the challenge by swapping a part of your journey for a more sustainable option, such as driving to a location where public links are more accessible and finishing the journey on public transport from there.

We're pretty relaxed about the whole thing, any step towards less pollution from travelling is a good one.

Why Is This Challenge Important?

Emissions from our cars are contributing to the build-up of CO2 in our atmosphere. This has been linked to climate change, which is obviously a big deal - most of us are aware of it by now and this is just one step towards tackling it.

Alongside climate change, there's also poor air quality, traffic build-up and more Fast & Furious sequels. But if we use our cars less, the hope is that many of these issues will be reduced.

So get out there and share a ride with a sweaty stranger, it's not so bad honestly.
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