Go and clean a public space of litter.

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More About The Challenge

Go to a public space which you know needs help and spend a few hours collecting and disposing of litter. Beaches, parks, woodlands or secret skull caves - we don't mind where you choose.

The name and inspiration for this challenge comes from the online social media challenge #trashtag. If you've not heard about it, check out this BBC News article on #Trashtag: The online challenge cleaning places up.

Challenge Tips

Go out as a group and tackle this one together. Taking some friends is a great way to catch up with people while also doing some excellent stuff for the environment.

Be careful when picking up trash as some places may have dangerous items buried away deep in the undergrowth. These could be things such as broken glass, used needles or bottles containing residue of harmful chemicals. Wear the right protection like gloves and take extra care just to be sure.
When clearing places, be sure to leave anything natural where you found it. For example, driftwood on beaches or fallen trees and branches are important to the ecosystem. This is the wild, not your front room, so no need to bring the hoover.
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