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Use non-toxic cleaning products or natural alternatives.

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What To Avoid & Why

During your next cleaning spree, opt for non-toxic cleaning products or natural alternatives. Check the labels for phosphorus, nitrogen, ammonia and chemicals grouped under the term "Volatile Organic Compounds".
We may think of these being used in the confines of our own home, these toxins end up down our drains and pass through water treatment plants. While the treatment plants do their best to remove unsavory chemicals, in many cases some still slip through and reach our waterways.

Chemicals such as nitrogen are used on farms as fertiliser. When they reach an environment that is not controlled, they can cause excessive nourishment of some types of plant life in habitats native to aquatic animals.

This then causes certain plants to get a boost in growth, taking over and pushing out other plants. At the end of these plants' chemical-accelerated life cycle, they die in large masses, decaying and depleting the oxygen in the water.

Tips & Alternatives

No need to live in squalor, though. You can replace many cleaning products with more environmentally friendly ones on the market though check the labels to be sure.

White vinegar, lemons and baking soda are a few of the many ingredients you can use that are much more forgiving on the environment if you want to make your own. There's ample recipes on the internet which you can use or tweak to make your own special blend.
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