For a week use a refillable cup instead of disposables.

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Those paper cups at your favourite coffee place are more menacing than their basic appearance may portray.

The truth is, paper isn't very waterproof, so these cups are lined with a very thin layer of plastic. Most recycling facilities simply can't separate the plastic from these cups, so they end up in landfills instead.
The challenge is to use a refillable cup or flask. This also applies to tea drinkers or those of us that buy water in plastic bottles.

Depending on your drink of choice, there's plenty of options on beverage vessels. Most coffee shops will also be happy to use these instead of their disposable stock - don't be shy to ask.

There is a catch though; it's important to stick to this. Buying a refillable cup and only using it once is actually worse than using a disposable one, so be sure to get your moneys worth.
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