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More About The Challenge

Alright we know - this one is a bit of a shameless plug.

The Microvist project is here to help motivate and inspire you to make meaningful positive changes for the planet in your own life. Indirect actions like signing a petition, changing your social media profile pictures and telling all your friends you're a vegan are not really what we're all about. While all those things are important to help raise awareness, you won't find them here.

That's why this challenge sticks out from the rest - we want people to know about the Microvist project but that's not the main goal.

Tell as many friends as you want in any way you want. Conversations, a message on social media, interpretative dance or whatever other creative way you can come up with. However, no matter how many times you hit complete on this challenge, you can only earn the badge once. Spend more time working on the other changes you can make to your own lifestyle by focusing on any of our other challenges!
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