Bin It With Love

For a week correctly dispose of items that can be recycled.

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About This Challenge

Many of us dispose of our waste carefully - but we could do better. This challenge is about taking extra time to get informed about what can and can't be recycled then using that information to dispose of our waste like a boss.

It's worth noting that recycling should be our last resort and other actions can trump recycling. Think reusing, avoiding poorly packaged products, repairing or sharing. You can look at our other Pass It On challenge for more on those, otherwise keep reading to perfect your recycling.

Step 1 - Demystify Recycling Symbols

There's a bunch of recycling symbols and logos on our products, many can be helpful in telling us how to dispose of our packaging but some are misleading if you don't know their purpose.

If you live in the UK a great resource is the recycling symbols explained page on

Step 2 - Check Your Local Recycling Capabilities

Each area will be able to handle local recycling differently. See what's possible to put in your kerbside collection and what you'll have to take elsewhere to recycle.

Step 3 - Buy Responsibly

Check the recycling info on packaging of items you buy. Try to avoid plastic, but if you do need to buy anything in plastic, try to support brands using recycled plastic.

Step 4 - Recycle Like A Boss

With all your new know how on what can and can't be recycled and products bought with recycling in mind, dispose the waste you produce in the most applicable place.

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