Working From Home

For at least some days of the week work from home instead of commuting to your workplace.

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More About The Challenge

This one is not for everyone, as it is not possible to do every kind of job remotely, but with more and more options for online working and virtual meetings becoming available, it can be easier than what you might think.

The idea behind the challenge is that by removing the daily commute, you will reduce your carbon footprint. It is of course important to consider that not being in the office means you will use more electricity in the home, and if you are attempting this in the winter months, you will need to account for the extra heating in your house. Work out the balance to make sure you are reducing your emissions, not increasing them, by making this alteration. If you would typically drive to work, chances are eliminating the commute altogether will have a considerable impact.

Is your boss not a fan of the concept? Try starting small by negotiating to work from home for one day a week if possible to trial how this would work in practice.

Why Is This Challenge Important?

Emissions from our cars are contributing to the build-up of CO2 in our atmosphere. This has been linked to climate change, which is obviously a big deal - most of us are aware of it by now and this is just one step towards tackling it.

Alongside climate change, there's also poor air quality, traffic build-up and more Fast & Furious sequels. But if we use our cars less, the hope is that many of these issues will be reduced.

On a more serious note, with the current Covid-19 situation, it is especially important that you give this challenge a try if it is at all possible in your line of work, not just for the planet, but to safeguard the vulnerable and keep us all as healthy as possible during this.
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