Bee Hotel

Get or build a bee hotel

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About The Challenge

Bees play an important part in our environment. They are incredibly good at pollinating our flowers and crops, meaning they can produce the seeds to spread and keep our ecosystems biodiverse.

Not all bees live in huge hives of thousands and many choose a solitary life. These bees still need to take shelter and a bee hotel is a perfect place for that.

Build Your Own

To create a 5 star hotel (for bees), you're looking to create spaces they can tuck in at night. Bamboo sticks cut to expose their hollow insides or wood with drilled holes are some perfect examples.

Buy A Hotel

If you're not great at DIY you're not out of luck. Many places sell pre-made bee hotels and all you need to do is hang them.

Placing The Bee Hotel

Just like in Monopoly, choosing a good place to put down your hotel is key. Pick somewhere head height and sunny in the morning and you're good to start receiving buzzing guests.
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