Bring Your Own Bag

A woman uses a reusable tote bag.

For the week only use your own reusable bags.

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More About The Challenge

Single use carrier bags contribute a significant amount to the plastic waste issues we face. But this can also be fixed with one easy change.

Continuously using reusable bags solves this issue and helps you produce less plastic waste. For this challenge it's up to you to always have your reusable bags handy and turn down any offers of single use carrier bags.

Why It Helps The Planet

Plastic is a great material if used responsibly. However a feature that make it great also make it a bit of a problem. Plastic takes a long time to break down and even if put in the bin it doesn't take a lot for a gust of wind to pick a few of these bags that were on their way to a landfill.

Blown away they eventually make it into our oceans. There they pose a threat to sea life such as turtles that mistake them for jellyfish (a turtle delicacy). So when you bring your own bag that's one less bit of floating trash to worry about.
A single use plastic bag in the ocean

Reusing The Reusable

Reusable plastic bags are made to be more durable than their single use counterparts. This means there's more plastic that goes into making the bags. To be effective it's important that you actually reuse them, otherwise you may end up doing more harm than good.

You can also totally remove the plastic element by opting for more eco-friendly cotton tote bags. These tend to be a little more expensive, but also much more resilient when it comes to carrying your milk and eggs.
A woman using a reusable tote bag

Responsible Disposal

There will come a time when your plastic bag starts to get holes and be no longer useable. When this happens, most kerbside recycling services don't collect these bags, but many larger supermarkets have specific recycling points that do.

Extra Tips & Tricks

Saving You Money

Many countries are starting to adopt a charge for single use bags in large supermarkets, so you could also be saving yourself a pretty penny over time when you bring your own.

In some cases supermarkets also may offer to replace old reusable bags with new ones, making the initial cost go even further.

Have A Backup For When You Forget

If you drive to the shops leave a few spare bags in the back. It really sucks getting to the shops and realising you left them at home.

Keep a reusable bag in your handbag or backpack for when you pop into a shop on the go.
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