An old tire upcycled to hold plants

Upcycle an item (or items) into something new instead of throwing it out.

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About The Challenge

Complete this challenge for each item you create something new from something old that was destined for the bin. Upcycling will help you reduce your waste and reuse what you already have.

This is a great one to get those creative juices flowing. Be it on your own or with the kids, this challenge is not only good for your mind but also your pocket as you'll save money on items you may have otherwise bought.

Try and think about what you need and if you can use any of the junk in your shed, recycling bin or back of the cupboard.

How It Helps The Planet

You're not only reducing your waste when you upcycle (which helps the planet by sending less to the landfill). You're also reducing the amount you buy new meaning less impact on the earth for items that would otherwise have needed to be produced.

Some Ideas

To get you started here's a few of our ideas;
  1. Create plant pots for seedlings using old plastic pots. Just put a few holes in the bottom of your butter tubs and you're good to go.
  2. Old sinks, tires and wellies make for great plant pots with a quirky charm to them.
  3. Wooden pallets can be taken apart and with a saw and a few nails put back together into all manner of things. Containers, bird houses even furniture all with a nice rustic look.
  4. Get into sewing. Old clothes can be given a new lease of life by combining older pieces into something new and personal to you. Over time this can become a fulfilling hobby.
  5. Head to your local charity shop and find something plain, then with a bit of paint, sewing or tinkering make it into something beautiful for yourself.
Don't let us stifle your creativity. There's plenty of other options and only you will know what works for you.

Share your creations with us via twitter. We love seeing people get creative and it gives others some great ideas to get started too.
Start Again

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