No Plastic Bathroom Waste

For a week produce no plastic waste from your bathroom.

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About The Challenge

Many of us produce quite a bit of plastic waste. Stopping to think just how much plastic you use may surprise you. This challenge is all about taking a step to help reduce that.

Our bathrooms are one of the major sources of plastic waste. Shower gels, shampoos, toothbrushes and much more are all common items packaged in plastic that ends up in landfills. The challenge is to replace these with plastic free alternatives, reuse the plastic waste or properly recycle as a last resort.

Many of us won't go through a whole shampoo bottle in a week, so this challenge is a good one to possibly repeat and focus on for a month or more. Even if you don't go completely plastic free, you may find some great alternatives to drastically reduce a good portion of plastic.

Replacing Plastic Packaging

Shower Gel, Shampoo & Hand Soaps

A great place to start reducing plastic is taking a look for refill shops near you. Many stock soaps where you can refill old bottles and make that plastic go further.

Have a go at soap bars. It will be easier to find some of these wrapped in paper rather than throw away plastic.


Bamboo toothbrushes are becoming ever more popular as biodegradable alternatives to plastic.

Toothpaste is a common trouble causer as most recycling facilities cannot recycle them. There's alternatives such as toothpaste tablets sold in recyclable glass jars or even toothpaste in glass jars you can simply scoop as you need it.

Toilet Paper

Most of our loo roll comes wrapped in plastic packaging. This is usually the cheap and can't be recycled so try and find alternatives such as

Feminine Products

Conventional period products can contain up to 90% plastic. That paired with most being used for only a short space of time results in lots of plastic making it to our landfills. Reusable alternatives to tampons and sanitary pads include menstrual cups and period underwear.

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Your Thoughts & Findings

Plastic has become part of our everyday lives and there's no denying it's a great material. We just need to use it responsibly and that can be pretty difficult. We would love to hear your plastic free stories, product recommendations and tips so drop us a tweet.
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