No Plastic Food Waste

For a week produce no plastic waste from your kitchen.

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About The Challenge

Many of us produce quite a bit of plastic waste. Stopping to think just how much plastic you use may surprise you. This challenge is all about taking a step to help reduce that.

Much of our food is wrapped or packaged using plastic in some way. This challenge focuses on eliminating these products from our fridge and pantry, so you don't throw out any single use plastic.

Feel free to use your own containers even if they're made from plastic. It's a fantastic material when used responsibly.

If you want to make the challenge a little easier for yourself, you can allow yourself to buy plastic packaged good you know you can recycle. However, don't wishcycle and drop everything in the recycling bin instead. Check out the Bin It With Love challenge to find out how to recycle like a boss.

Replacing Plastic Packaging

Use Jars & Cans Instead

Lots of the food we buy in plastic packaging can also be found in glass jars or metal cans. These materials can be recycled an unlimited amount of times, unlike plastic.

Refill Shops

Do some research and see if there are any refill shops nearby. These shops will usually offer dried foods sold by weight where you can reuse your existing containers. In many cases these can also save you money!

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets often provide a wide variety of locally grown foods. Often on display for you to pick and choose the best of the bunch with no plastic in sight. As an extra bonus you'll find fresher produce and less CO2 emitted getting it to you too.

The Local Butcher

Get to know your local businesses like the butcher. You'll stimulate your community and most will happily oblige you in using your own containers when preparing you the best cuts of meat.

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Or if that all sounds too easy how about trying the No Plastic Waste Week challenge and try to cut out single use plastic entirely.

Your Thoughts & Findings

Plastic has become part of our everyday lives and there's no denying it's a great material. We just need to use it responsibly and that can be pretty difficult. We would love to hear your plastic free stories, product recommendations and tips so drop us a tweet.
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